Monday, 18 September 2017

Good morning, sorry I forgot to post this weeks news last night as I was watching "the block" and completely forgot.

I am on jury service this week.  I will be away today (Monday) and will inform you all via the blog if I am selected on a case by the end of the day.  Your children will have Susie Bye as their reliever today.

PTA disco this Thursday night 5.30 - 7pm

Pita pit can now be ordered Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays each week.

On Friday we have some of room 7's girl in a gymnastic competition, good luck for this girls.

Have a look on our school's facebook page for some assembly photo's.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Thanks for all the positive responses to our room 7 assembly.  Here is the link to the video we played and the song E rere taku poi in case your child would like to see it again.  We hope you enjoyed our performance.  I think your tamariki did an excellent job and looked so cute in their costumes.

E rere taku poi song

Te Reo used in our kura

I will post some photos when I get them from Michelle (our school's photographer).  Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Thursday 14 September


Room 7 is hosting tomorrow' assembly, starts at 2.05pm we would love for you to come and watch.  To celebrate Maori language week we are performing two waiata - Ma is white and E rere taku poi plus showing a video that we made about Te Reo within our school. 

Pita pit - now available Tuesday, Wednesday's and Thursday.

Yummy stickers - if you have apples that have the yummy stickers on can you please bring these in to class as the school is collecting them to help provide us with resources.

We had two visitors to class today.  Thanks to Amanda (a friend of Alana's mum) for 
bringing two lambs into class.  They are just 8 and 9 days old.  We talked about how to
 treat animals with kindness and aroha.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


We have had some more birthdays to celebrate, recently in class.  Cathy, Taila, Brooklyn and Aidan have all turned 6 years old now.  


Sunday, 10 September 2017

Week 8

Wow the weeks are flying by, this week is week 8 and only 3 weeks left till the end of term.  This weeks notices:

This week is Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori language week.  During the week we will be learning some new waiata, prayers and new words.  On Friday room 7 is hosting the school assembly, we will be performing two waiata during the assembly - Ma is white, and E rere taku poi.  I have borrowed some Maori costumes from my old kindergarten for the tamariki to dress up in for their show.  We welcome you all to come and watch, assembly starts at 2.05pm on Friday.

I am currently sorting out words for some of the children to say during our assembly.  If your child comes home with a piece of paper please get them to practise the words a couple of times every night so they are confident in reading it on Friday.  If your child doesn't have words to read they will be involved in the action songs.

Tuesday - I will be away today as I am taking the day to go and watch my youngest daughter play netball in the Aims tournament at the Mount.  Nicola Groves will be the reliever for the day.



Steam pudding with custard will be for sale at school on Wednesday the of 13th September for only $2. 
Please order through your classroom teacher.

Proceeds will go to support activities run by the Whanau Group. 

If anyone is available to assist with the delivery of the puddings on Wednesday. Please come along to the hall kitchen at 1pm. 

Thursday - Pita pit orders Tuesday and Thursday.  Visit  to set up an account for orders.

PTA notice - help needed for coming school disco!

 “There is a school disco coming up on the 21st September and the PTA need some parent helpers and are asking if any parents from the junior school would like to help out”.  
Could they please email Linda Fox on if they can help.

Another fundraiser that the PTA does is calendar art.  Thanks to Alison Shaw for coming in Wednesday afternoons to help the children get their calendar art ready.  Order forms will be given out shortly with the calendar art pictures displayed on the classroom windows within the next 2 weeks.

Looking forward to another productive and busy week!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Fun day Friday

What's been happening during our play based 
learning block today?

What's been happening during our play based learning block today?
Loom band creations - the girls have been teaching one another how to make loom band
 bracelets and necklaces.

 Thanks to room 18 for sharing your marble run with us, lots of children 
enjoyed creating tracks for the marbles to run down.

Threading was another popular activity - lots of colourful necklaces were made. 
 Great for hand eye-coordination and good pincher finger activity to promote holding a pencil correctly for writing.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Week 7

I hope all the dad's liked their fathers day presents that the children made.  I also hope that they had a relaxing and enjoyable day.

Room 7 is very lucky to have Susan Townes as our Teacher Aid to help support the children's learning.  Susan is a trained teacher who use to work at St. Marys, she is working Tuesday - Friday during the morning two blocks to help work with some children who just need a little extra support in Reading and writing.  I also want to acknowledge our school's principal Mr Macmillan for providing teacher aids to all junior classes.  As you can image teaching 25 five and six year olds, who all come with individual learning needs and different abilities can at time be challenging.  I'm sure having Susan's support will make a difference.

There has been quite a few niggles between the girls lately.  Girls just saying unwanted comments to one another.  I have spoken to the whole class and told them that nasty comments will not be tolerated and losing golden time will be the consequence. 

Sickness - last week we had several children unwell, hopefully they are all on the mend and back at school this week.  We haven't been doing our morning fitness at the moment due to the amount of coughing that it creates but hopefully this won't last too long.

This Friday at 9.00 am we have a School Mass - Nativity of Mary.-which will have some of the junior children participating in prayers of the faithful. Also not this Friday but the following, Room 7 will be hosting the school assemble. You are welcome to come and watch (2.05pm start), but I'll remind you closer to the time and during that week your child may bring home some words to learn if they have a speaking role.

Looking forward to another fun and productive week.